1. londonphile:

    We’ve got a new image for all you Benedict Cumberbatch fans. Enjoy! Don’t forget to pre-order

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  2. avawatson:

    Is everyone over SDCC already? Because I compiled Benedict’s accents and impressions for you, internet, because I love you (and Benedict). In order: native French speakers, American Dreamworks execs, Batman vs. Superman trailer, Jar Jar Binks, Bostonians, Smaug, Gollum.

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  4. karin-woywod:

    2011 11 04 - ’ Parade’s End ‘  Portraits by Iris Brosch

    Open in new tab for 1000+ pixels’ versions !

    Caption : Programme Name: Parades End - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Mammoth Screen - Photographer: Iris Brosch

    Source 01

    Source 02 & 03

  5. cumberbum:

    New-ish Sherlock still - [Click for 2048 x 1362] - [x]

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    "Did I remember to bring DatASS? Yes *sigh of relief* it’s still there"

    cumberbum check :)

  8. bencdaily:

    pointy!batch - SDCC 2014 edition.

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  10. sherlockspeare:

    I can hear the buttons screaming. (X)

    he seems to be getting a bit tired(back hurting maybe?) You need more stamina Ben. Cons can be brutal.

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