1. Benedict measuring up for a Madame Tussauds waxwork figure (HQ x)

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    Damn - Is there ever an end to this photoshoot ? 2013 08 22 - ’ Unlocking Sherlock ’ Promotional Shots by Robert Viglasky

    This is just an overview. For the early pics #01 to #04, there are bigger versions around, for the later pics #05 to #09, I wish there were bigger versions. And you are welcome to direct me to Hi-Res versions 1280 pixels wide or even wider regarding the later pics.

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    Benedict making another dream come true: “Finally I can photobomb myself!” [x]

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    Benedict Cumberbatch measures up for a Madame Tussauds waxwork figure

  5. londonphile:

    A very happy Birthday to Bendy Cum, I hope you have a shiny happy day! 38!! You youngster!


    Happy birthday Benny boy.

  6. An Edit a DayBenedict Cumberbatch ⚜ [224/?]

    super huge apology owed to Cumberbum who I unintentionally reposted(via another user, but still). I know better than this and just didn’t do my normal due diligence when posting. Here’s the original, reblogged from the proper source, and my comment still stands. This is a beautiful edit. :)

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    Hi-Res ! 2013 07 15 - Japan - Arriving At Narita Airport for ’ Star Trek - Into Darkness ’ Premiere by Motoo Naka

    Open in new tab / window for        [1333 x 2000 pixels]        or refer to the links below !

    [1333 x 2000 pixels]

    [2000 x 2000 pixels]

    Caption : Benedict Cumberbatch, July 15, 2013, Tokyo, Japan : Actor Benedict Cumberbatch arrives at Narita International Airport in Chiba prefecture, Japan on July 15, 2013. (Photo by Motoo Naka)


  8. Sherlock Blogs … come to me …


    Yes, it’s this time again…

    I’m looking for Sherlock/Johnlock/Benedict Cumberbatch blogs. Preferably (almost) exclusively so. If you want me to have a look at your blog, please like or reblog this post!

    Thank you :)



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    It’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s birthday a week today and his amazing generous fans have already raised nearly £12,000 for his chosen charities.

    This year Benedict has chosen The Princes Trust and ALS Association/MND Association as the beneficiaries of the birthday fundraiser. Instead of buying…

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    Truly stunning untouched new-ish photo which just needed it’s own post. Thanking degenezijde.tumblr.com for the scans! 

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