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    Ushers and best man. Oh boy. Here we go…pic.twitter.com/l0AaPPbs3o

    Oh god it looks like I’m farting. Promise you I’m not.pic.twitter.com/IkNo6nq5Ku

    Handsome bunch, aren’t they!

    So nice to see Benedict did his own tie up too, slightly to the right as usual.

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    Last pic/tweet for a few days. Love and thanks to all of you xx pic.twitter.com/Irp5cZmVCh

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    I just had the chance to interview this amazing woman, and I couldn’t NOT ask her about Benedict. I had to ask about her meeting him and drinking with the guy. Her response? Funniest thing ever …

    "He is utterly, utterly lovely. When Sherlock started in our country, I’d already seen it because I was a TV critic. So when it first broadcast, I was up on Twitter going, ‘Women, believe me, you’ll want to turn your televisions on in ten minutes.’

    "So I was watching Sherlock again, and I was drinking while I was watching it. The first couple tweets were like, ‘As you can see, this is a very quality drama.’ Then, the third one was like, ‘God, he’s beautiful.’

    "Then, the fifth one was, ‘I would climb him like a tree. I would do him until security pulled me off, and then, I would wank at him from behind a door.’ I was becoming increasingly hysterical, because he was so beautiful.

    "What I didn’t know was that the entire cast and crew were together at Steven Moffat’s house, and Steven Moffat was on Twitter. I know him, and he was following me and reaching over to pass his iPhone to Benedict every time I tweeted and showing Benedict all my tweets.

    "So as consequence, when I met him on the set a couple weeks later to do a feature about it, he looked slightly nervous. But he’s just so lovely and oddly teenaged. Apparently, I got him into Radiohead, which is really cool.

    "Plus, if you get him drunk, he’ll do impressions of Sherlock and Smaug the dragon. You couldn’t find better company if you tried. He’s utterly adorable. When you get to know him, you can even call him ‘Benny.’"

    Thanks to Caitlin Moran for being such a great sport and an amazing author :) Please check out her new book, How to Build a Girl!

    Yeah…I still don’t think I’d call him ‘Benny’.

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    did I say I love these 2 so much :)

    ROFL. James is the best.

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    #please do not re-edit and do not repost #removing those circles was a fucking hell (x)

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    Benedict Cumberbatch - Zurich Recording  X


    I won’t tear up, I won’t tear up, I won’t… Damn!!

  9. Benedict Cumberbatch | The Imitation Game

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    Benedict @Bright Young Things Gala 2014 At The National Theatre, London, 09/18/14 (x)

    Gorgeous suit